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Residential installations include the following:


- No installation fees

- 100 feet of gas line provided free

- Keep Full or Will Call deliveries

- Computer and metered delivery tickets

- Fast, friendly, dependable service

- Certified technicians and delivery staff



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Seasonal Pricing Options


Keep Full:

For your convenience, we offer a "Keep Full" delivery option. This option allows us to fill your tank as needed throughout the season. To take advantage of this option, you must have approved credit prior to starting this service. You must also have a clear balance within 30 days of delivery or before your next fill, whichever comes first. If your account is not clear prior to delivery, your account will automatically be switched to a "Will Call" account, and payment will be due upon delivery.


Will Call:

Another delivery option available is our "Will Call" method. With this option, you control when your delivery takes place by notifying our office before your tank is no lower than 20% full. This notification allows us time to deliver before running out becomes a concern.


Cash on Delivery (COD):

Our "Cash On Delivery" payment option requires payment at the time of delivery. You may pre-pay at our office, online, or make arrangements to pay our driver at the time of delivery.


***Please keep in mind we also accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Cards for payment (1% fee for use)


Option I-Pre-Buy:

Option I locks your price for the heating season. A minimum of 600 gallons must be pre-purchased to qualify for this option. If prices drop below the pre-buy price, you will not receive the lower price until all the pre-buy gallons have been delivered. Pre-paid propane will be delivered as needed until the gallons are depleted. If you do not pre-buy enough propane, your remaining deliveries will be delivered at the regular retail price. If you pre-buy more propane than what is delivered, you will have a dollar credit on your account (not gallons). After April 1st each year you may receive a refund by calling our office at 517-852-9210. We will do your best to make sure your tank is full by the end of this contract. However, your tank must be able to hold the minimum delivery of 200 gallons. If you choose to pre-buy your propane, we will automatically put your account on a Keep-Full delivery schedule for as long as you have a credit balance on your account. Please keep in mind that if you have pre-bought your fuel and choose to be a Will-Call customer, any emergency delivery would include a delivery charge.


Option lI-Price Cap:

Option Il caps your price for the heating season. If fuel costs increase, your price is capped. If fuel costs decrease, you will pay the lower price. There is a non-refundable fee to join this program. Maximum price cap is 3000 gallons.


Option III-Budget Fixed Price:

Option III will lock your price at a fixed level during the term of this agreement. The Propane Budget program requires a non-refundable price protection fee. All propane budget customers must have an approved credit application on file and keep monthly payments current to receive this protection. If monthly payments are not received by the 15th of each month, deliveries will be discontinued and the account will revert to regular retail pricing on future deliveries. If you choose this option, you will receive a propane budget letter with full details and a monthly payment amount. This is the only Budget program available for propane customers.


If You Smell Gas


If you ever smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off all the gas at the tank. Open the area to fresh air. Do not do anything that could make a spark. Call us immediately!!




If You Run Out of Gas


A hazardous situation develops if your propane tank runs out of gas. When this occurs, the system in the tank loses pressure and a potentially hazardous condition can result. If you do run out of gas, please follow these steps:


Turn off all control valves on all gas appliances.

Turn off the shutoff valve on the propane tank(s). The shutoff valve is located under the lid of your tank.

Call your propane supplier to arrange for delivery and advise them you are out of gas.

Don't turn the gas back on yourself. Let your service technician do it. When you schedule your fill, be sure it is set up for a time when you will be at home so we can relight and check your appliances and system to assure they are operating properly and there are no leaks. A customer or their representative must be present when the tank is filled.

Immediately after your tank is refilled, have your service technician check to see that all safety controls are functioning properly and the piping system is leak-free. Additional leak & pressure check charge: $40.00 due upon arrival.

A customer or their representative must sign leak check documentation to be kept and filed at Kent Oil & Propane.

All additional delivery fees, leak & pressure check fee, and actual charge for gallons delivered are COD.



Please call or contact us for new customer programs: (517) 852-9210. To Call Toll-Free: 1-800-638-7484.




Consumer Safety Information


Making a Safe Fuel Even Safer:


Propane is a very safe fuel. However, as with any energy source, there are steps you should take to further ensure your safety.


If you detect a gas leak, immediately evacuate everyone from the house and call your local propane provider or the fire department from a neighbor's telephone.


Learn what propane smells like. Propane retailers have scratch-and-sniff pamphlets to help your family recognize its distinctive odor.

Know where gas lines are located, so you won't damage them when digging or working in the yard.

Change or clean furnace filters regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.

Don't store cleaning fluids, oil-soaked rags, gasoline, or other flammable liquids near a gas-burning appliance where vapors could be ignited by the pilot light.


Industry Efforts to Safeguard Propane Use:


GAS Check ® (Gas Appliance System Check) is an award-winning preventive maintenance program developed by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) and funded by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) that trains technicians and educates homeowners on the safe handling of propane and the maintenance of propane appliances.

The Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) developed by NPGA and funded by PERC is a training program used extensively throughout the country by people involved in the handling of propane, equipment, and appliances.




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