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Kent Oil & Propane, Inc. Is Committed
to Providing consumers with High-Quality Fuels.

We offer Regular gasoline (87 Octane) and we now offer R-89 Recreational Gas (Ethanol Free). Our regular gasoline may contain up to 10% Ethanol within the parameters of the state requirements.

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We offer #2 Diesel fuel for both on and off-highway use. These fuels are Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuels designed to meet the requirements set forth in December 2010.


EPA standards require on-road diesel fuel to contain no more than 15 ppm sulphur. ULSD is required for use in model year 2007 vehicles equipped with advanced emission control systems. ULSD will generally look lighter in color and have less smell than other diesel fuel.

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Certified Power Service

Xtreme Diesel Distributor

We offer "Extreme Diesel", our highest quality diesel fuel for on and off-highway use. These fuels are Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels which meet the EPA requirements to contain no more than 15 ppm sulphur.

This exclusive additive package is blended with a #2 Diesel fuel to improve the overall performance.

We start with a Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane Boost.
This product also contains "Slickdiesel" to add to the lubricity of ULSD.

We also add "Diesel Kleen Performance Improver + Cetane Boost".

This product increases the cetane of ULSD to increase power and prevent hard starts.

We then add "Clear Diesel" to disperse diesel fuel contaminants and remove water.

"Clear Diesel" contains "Petrofresh" which provides maximum long term storage stability

to keep fuel fresh. "Extreme Diesel" is beyond Premium - It's "Extreme".

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Diesel Supplement:

Power Service Products is the leading manufacturer of the most technologically advanced diesel fuel additives available in the marketplace today. Whether you operate a diesel-powered car, truck, tractor, or boat, Power Service has the products to fit your needs. Additionally, Power Service diesel additives are used by more large fleets and fuel marketers than any other additive.


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